Mercatores Lucis

Scientia sine arte nihil est;
ars sine scientia nihil est.
Jean Vignot (1392)
Die Religionen zerstreuen sich wie Nebel,
die Zarenreiche zerstören sich von selbst, aber
die Arbeiten des Gelehrten bleiben für alle Zeiten.
Das Streben nach Wissen ist die Pflicht eines jeden !
Ulugh Beg (1394-1449), SWR 20230306

Flemmie Pansy Kittrell

*1904/12/25 @ USA - North Carolina - Henderson
†1980/10/03 @ USA - Washington, D.C.

« ... the home being really the center of all our learning, it will one day come into its own, after we learn how not to be sophisticated, but to be really sincere and scientific in our working with people. ... Many people think that if you're a home economist, you really are concerned with just food and clothing. Well, when you're interested in home economics, you're concerned with the whole of life, and that brings in all the disciplines. And I don't believe that one should begin to major in home economics per se, until they've had a very good liberal education in the liberal arts. ...unless they know how all these things work together to help people to grow and live and to understand...and to be happy: In the universe. »

« ..., because prejudice means having your thoughts get right too soon. »

« ... I'd like to think of myself as an international citizen. »

« ... when I go abroad, I'm interested in other people's way of life, and as we do this, it seems to me that we begin to look at all people everywhere as our kin and we are one people, irrespective of race or creed or color. And so I feel at home in the world, I do not feel a stranger anywhere in the world. »